Strength short poem

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Remember the times when you were younger
You broke your knee and survived a fall
You shrugged and smiled and took it in your stride
You were so brave and endured it all
Laughed it off when others scoffed
And always did what you wanted to
You never cared for their anxious glares
Never felt the need to prove
The pride in your eyes was there to see
Your endeavors untiring, your spirit undying
Made you what you were meant to be
Destiny’s favorite child and courage’s true meaning
Look into your past and you will find
The elixir you seek, the energy infinite
Look at yourself and introspect
Within the tumult is your unfaltering might
Feel your strength and awaken to see
What countless blessings you hold, my dear
There my friend, lie all your answers
To all your self-doubts and all the fear.

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Preeti Govada is a freelance writer and poet. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, she’s done her MBA in Human relations and currently resides at Mumbai with her husband and son. She’s currently working on her upcoming book which is a collection of short stories. She loves observing people around her and integrating their experiences into her short stories and poetry. Besides dabbling at cooking, she enjoys travelling, browsing the internet, reading and spending time with her family. If you’d like to connect with her, you can email her at
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kwai chee low

A beautiful and insightful poem.


Super Inspiring and Introspective poem!


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