A two way mirror

A two way mirror short poem






Brimming with tears
I see him yonder
His smile, a magnet that draws
and yet his armour
that repels against a cruel world.
Recall his pain and anger
through my tears
his fears, maybe sometimes
the reason for his veiled song.
Angry and gay many a time
never queerly though
blinded in my own fairy tale
I thank my tears for cleansing
my vision
and pray for him
to be happy and gay..

Masks both green and rainbow
I wear them with pride
but my eyes and my heart
need no mask
For mirrors both
they look within and a world outside
sometimes in pain and sometimes in joy.
I am but human
I hurt and heal and love and long
My hands outstretched
for someone to hold and walk along
Paths uncharted over valleys and cliffs
and over sandy shores
and snowclad peaks and mossy greens
I sing but one song : Nature’s Song
For I am just like you
Nature’s Child….

Notes :   A two way mirror is  stringing of two  poems  for a  friend  , and  in support of the LGBT cause . equally cathartic for me to understand the pain … questions galore … what if the shoe was on the other foot ?

time for reflection.  love needs no reason, in its sublime expression it can only be inclusive.

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Jayshree Murali

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A volunteer mentor in a Beyond School Learning Program at the not for profits VIDYA ( www.vidya-india.org) I love working with children and youth. the inclusive and diverse platform that is VIDYA , has been the perfect foil for creative expressions to emerge as we seek to collaborate a holistic learning intervention by providing a joyful learning environment. Who am I ? existential question... exploring through journeys of life.. a seeker's quest finds expression in many forms and poetry is the language of the " Now " that is influenced by the dreams dreamt and the dreams that lie ahead.. a celebration of what is here !
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Editorial Board

Applause! @Jayshree_Murali it takes great courage and sensitivity to capture what you have and so magically too, in your words..!


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