In Vain, A Minute After

In Vain, A Minute After short poem

Photo by jeffdjevdet

There was a matter to write about,
A minute ago, mass of words were
Filling up my mind
I should pen this, that and other
My head was overflowing with
Powerful words and emotions
To an extent, that I lost balance…
And I went into darkness and
Blankness covered me up
I was floating like a paper ship
Which ripples, moved ahead
I lay thinking, what I thought a minute past
Where were my escorts of alphabets?
And emotions…
Alas, all in vacuum

And thus happens, If I do not jot
Things, then and there…..

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13 Comments on "In Vain, A Minute After"

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Geetha Paniker

That is a good one. Jot down then and there. 🙂

Viswas Menon

@Laya_Sarath……wonderful poetic amnesia…happens to most poets…
….on a lighter vain….thank God you recalled to pen the words in this piece…;-)

ramakrishnan chatakondu

If you have a passion for writing poetries……I have got with me e a passion for giving compliments………by the way I want to give you one now ……..but where are my escotrs of alphabets ?

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

It’s okay to forget. In my case, I sometimes dream whole poems, but hard to retain all, whole paragraphs, minutes after waking up. If I run after it by sleeping again, no more. Your poem is a factual experience. Nice reading.

asoke kumar mitra

I always keep a small dairy with me and a pen, when it comes, I place it in writing………and later I try to give the shape. no question of forgetting…………….

asoke kumar mitra

beautiful write, the style, the use of imagery and the subject are very nice.


Happens with almost everyone, sometimes in their lives:)


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