Dance Of An Acrobat

Dance Of An Acrobat short poem

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Poverty constrains,
To take the risks,
Hunger forces them to bring,
Their innocent daughters,
On the streets of hungry men,
The girls under thirteen,
Not yet an adult,
Exploiting and exposing,
Their boy like bodies,
With a long stick in their hands,
On a rope fixed high,
With poles apart,
At least ten feet,
They walk on the rope,
They dance on the rope,
Their vulgar signals,
Are products of hunger,
And the viewers,
Are beasts in hunger,
Their vulgar taunts,
Their sexy comments,
Are replied same way,
By hungry innocence,
And the old man,
Sitting below,
With a harmonium,
And the old woman,
Singing a hot song,
Are the parents of the girl,
Playing with her life,
Dancing semi naked,
And when she fell down,
The old parents,
Started crying,
The old man said,
Who will earn our bread,
She has broken her legs,
And her younger sister,
Is still learning!

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3 Comments on "Dance Of An Acrobat"

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Savi Mani

A wonderful poem, the harsh truth of life well depicted, for these children of street, hunger is the only want and they learn from their pain…….earning one meal a day is all that they get in return of exposing themselves to the cruel world, who gather not to see their skill but for the ogling people they are just a ‘free entertainment” a street entertainment which is enjoyed free of cost……..
nice poem Jawad ji, looking forward to many more from you…..


Sad very sad that your poem is factual Akhtar. What can we do??? As a human to feel so helpless
and as some humans who exploit!! Lets hope as time moves on this will be wiped out as a norm for poor people.


I had seen a couple of acrobats, but my real emotions came out when I read this poem. Very touching!


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