Riddles short poem

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What is timelessness
but the kindness from gods’ eyes
wrapping the world at sunset’s time?

And eternity, doesn’t it stay hung
from of each day’s last moment
balance’s pan?

Is not perpetuity smiling disguised
in the bridal body
of the in bloom trees?

The ghostly shadow haunting the letters
of the most coveted word on earth,
is not everlastingness that we called?

But boundlessness, it doesn’t hide
in the steps that we take
from contemplation to the inner sight?

Riddles that I would like to ask the heaven,
but why do that
if I know the answer?

So, I wink to the old spider
that weaves another thread
to quench the Damocles sword’s hunger,

and I whisper:
“the chest, not the head,
because there infinity dwells”.

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A philosophy so deep and true, your mind starts wandering somewhere when you read this:)


Riddles In The Void

Riddles In The Void short poem

I write in riddles so no one will ever truly perceive me. I speak in riddles creating a web of ambiguity. The void is full of that voice. Whispered suggestions that give me no choice. Words in my head that