Pink roll comb

Pink roll comb short poem

I still have it
your favourite pink roll comb
with the smooth bristles
and colourful buds on edge
entangled with your hair
which I never removed.
It’s here.

Hope to meet you someday
and find your hair messy
that moment of joy
will bring back life in it
then I shall clean this comb
like I always did before.
It’s here.

I promise you
I’ll brush very gently,
never to hurt you
and make my doll ready
for yet another day
then I shall hug you
like I always did before
and that shall make my day, but
now the warmth of your hug
I shall need to preserve
as I don’t know
when, where, how I’ll meet you next
or if ever I will see you again.
It’s here and
we’re waiting.

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