Spring Is Back…

Spring Is Back... ode

Photo by lizbennington

In the dale of despondency,
Lost hopes finding themselves,
With the first rays of yellowish sun,
Life is taking a new turn,
Baby bird is ready to fly,
Singing his first song in the sky,
After a long time I am feeling that,
Spring is back,spring is back,

Blossom sets and fragrance spread in the orchard,
Dew drops wet the greenish weed,
Cool breeze dangling on the meadows,
A Poor shepherd sits under the tree’s shed,
With his goats and sheep,
They are jumping and leaping,
Notifying For upcoming days,
Full of happiness and amaze,
Like me they are feeling that,
Spring is back,spring is back,

After a long war,
Brave soldiers are returning to their homes,
Happy faces showing their victory,
But tears in their eyes telling that left something behind,
Melancholic and delectable feelings combined,
That is the sign of coming happiness,
Good memories replacing Bad memories,
All these moments saying that,
Spring is back,spring is back,

A wandering cloud meet with his companions,
They are happy and make fun,
Waves are dancing in the lake,
Thanking to Allah and saying that,
Spring is back,spring is back,

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2 Comments on "Spring Is Back…"

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kwai chee low

A lovely visual poem and the metaphors are beautiful. I especially like your line “Cool breeze dangling on the meadows”! Makes me feel the breeze “dangling” over my face!


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