Moon short poem

Photo by James Jordan

another day I met her on the field…
in my heart a passion wakes

how many have fallen asleep
only I have stayed awake
to see the face of the sky
drunken moon
fugitive moon…………..clouds scattered

a spider’s torn web, dangling moon was lost and gone
forgetting her
longing for love, dream and desire

sleep does not come
is there any end?

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16 Comments on "Moon"

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Laya Sarath

Ohh lost love..and sleepless nights 🙂 Wonderful sir..

Savi Mani

nice poem, the heart yearns for more and there is no end ….there can never be……


..and to that end she dips and waves
for if the moon is set ablaze
all love that is will be ablaze
She does see the depths in us
love is blind
Gone too,
moon beam upon no wrath. (Mitra, this is what happened after I read moon… it inspires)

does go beyond the depths of corn
and then the rushes wave to say, dear moon just don’t go away…

Aditi Roy

This search for true love alogwith sleepless nights will never come to an end.

Aditi Roy

This search for true love along with sleepless nights will never come to an end. I whole – heartedly believe in it. Extremely well expressed!

CS-Kriishna Panda

Nice poem specially these lines
“a spider’s torn web, dangling moon was lost and gone
forgetting her
longing for love, dream and desire”
Keep writing 🙂


Sleepless nights to watch the moon in its beauty and splendor….awesome!


Such beauty hidden in those simple words, I simply loved it:)




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