Night short poem


my cigarette end glows
like a blood shot eye
the mud wasp chirps
the house rat scuttle by
the shrill “Ge-ecko” of Geckos…

a dog perched on its hind limbs
sends out unpleasant vibrations
picked up by its mate in the next alley
and relayed…

a tendril of breeze caresses my face
two shadows silhouetted by the dim street lamp
clink together
lips meet…seconds tick by…
good bye and split.

the butt falls from my lips
into the gutter
scattering a million sparks
into the darkness!!

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8 Comments on "Night"

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Laya Sarath

Coool 🙂

Savi Mani

nice short poem ……..loved it!!!! liked specially “scattering a million sparks
into the darkness!!…….nice


The description of the daily mundane feels so real in this poem! Good one!

Geetha Paniker



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