Holy Knot And Germany My Dream Land

Holy Knot And  Germany My Dream Land long poem

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“Holy knot”
Marriage is like a book of suspense,
Each day contains romance and turbulence.
You are excited what is next,
You try your level best to prove the best.
Sometimes you want to read its climax,
But you have to wait in flux.
If love plays its part on both sides,
A marriage shines like paradise.
In the book of marriage some chapters,
Deal with the responsibilities of the couple.
Both partners with their love and determination,
Can make it stronger and supple.
Understanding and caring for each other,
Is the foundation of the marriage.
Selfishness and negligence will destroy your carriage.
Oppression and injustice is a very common practice,
In demonstration of power and anger,
A man is very active.
This book also deals with the fear of divorce
Such as when this carriage,
In reverse direction goes.
“Germany, My Dream Land”
First of all,I thank my God
For all the favours unlimited
He gave me the chance to visit
Many of His enchanting lands
To see his heavenly earth
I am really awestruck
How He has painted the earthly paradise
Nobody knows what is hidden from the eyes
If this temporary heaven is so gorgeous
How about the eternal gardens
A special treat for His devoted servants
Where precious jewels and real pearls grow on trees
Where rustling of leaves makes melodious tunes
Where sparkling rivers flow beneath the gardens
Where houris,the fairest damsel with modest wide eyes
Golden palaces with all pomp and glory
The shining of houris pearls will brighten
The heavens with glorious light
Lets go back to the heavenly Frankfurt
All European countries are spic and span
Without any dirt
The five star hotel reminded me of my heavenly sojourn
Germans took me as an Arab princess
Because I was clad in my black burqa
And my husband with full whiskers
Though I admit my royal background
As my forefathers came from Arab n Iran
My great grandfather from Royal family
The prince of Samnan from Persian land
Came to India and settled here
My maternal ancestors came from Iraq
They bought lands and orchards
They were learned men of their times
Initially I was scared in Hitler’s land
Methought Germans must be proud and rude
But to my astonishment they were sweet and gentle
With beautiful smiling faces,humble n courteous
Neat and tidy,glittering with good morals
They gave us a very warm reception
They were our heavenly hosts,we felt as heavenly guests
I was in heaven,it’s my heart’s perception
In Germany I was treated as a queen
Though I’m a simple scholarly lady with poetic genes
I firmly believe in the blessed favours of my Benevolent God
Who appreciates our smallest good deeds
He is not commercial as the modern man
Even if he smiles,he asks compensations
Man has become very cunning and clever
For every single act he wants a favour
The hotel provided us the shining Mercedes car
And the tourist guide,to show us beautiful sights
Frankfurt is full of beautiful buildings and
Marvellous cathedrals and natural beauty
The German guide showed us the famous spots
As a professional guide, he talked a lot
Then he took us to the famous Rose Garden
Enormous roses in kaleidoscopic hues
The roses greeted us with their sweet perfumes
We were having room services in our hotel room
As the dining hall was full of people
We were having sumptuous meals
For breakfast we ordered only fruits
Within moments they brought two baskets
Full of sweet delicious fruits
Oh my God, what a heavenly fruit baskets
Whatever variety of fruits you can imagine
Including figs and dates were presented in front of us
What an amazing presentation.

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I am a graduate in psychology from Aligarh Muslim university Aligarh.I got my early education from Lucknow and Faizabad.I started writing poetries from the age of seventeen.i've written1000 poems in English and Urdu.still scribbling more poems.
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