Our Room

Our Room prose poem

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Pondering yonder sitting alone in littered room,
stuff piled as if to hide our despair in stains on the carpet.
the night we got so drunk spilling red wine on the floor
like the blood that ran from my knuckles when they found themselves
colliding with concrete walls in fury.
Water marks on hard wood from the deluge of tears
flooding the desert that this room had become.
Our room, where nine months turned flirtation to depth,
clinging infancy turned restless adolescent,
where like a dream 82 years may have passed
like winter in Los Angeles,no one even knew it was there.
Old and grey wrinkled like the napkin in the front pocket
of the blazer I wore the night it all broke down.
I am watching you die, and by you I mean me.
Sometimes I get lost in all these words, romantic sentiment.
I awaken to watch myself pale, 82 hair gone,
belly sunken in, eyes not so alive any more.
Ocean blue turned smokey grey.
Like the grey faced youth on the grey hound bus, escaping a grey city.
A life in grey passing slow.
Stepping out of my body I go to the grocery store to find some slice of heaven.
The packaged food, as far as eye can see,
mine for the taking; A kingdom of pleasures like our room used to be.
The desire is all consuming as I pass pop tart, klondike, trix; pleasures of my youth.
Like Trix rest is for kids, freedom is for kids, love is for kids.
All folk tales and memories.
The ceiling is white and cracked in this room
Musings play out on its surface
I haven’t seen the sky in days and I think it is getting to me.
If only this pile of things was a little bigger
Maybe I could disappear like the stains from that cheap bottle of red,
spilt like blood in Our room.

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Chaise Rocco Levy

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Born in Topanga Canyon I found poetry first in the changing of the seasons, the sly movements of animals telling stories with their walks. But it wasn't until moving to Portland, Oregon that I discovered my expression, the welling of words in my self to express the beauty in mundane, the Holy Moments of every day life surrounded by concrete and towering metal buildings. A journey in finding the slyness in the human animals, and the shifting seasons on busses in a great city.
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