Components of a House

Components of a House long poem

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Not necessarily a palatial edifice-
it may not be a fifty or
a hundred room structure,
it may not come in a multiple
layers of concrete steel columns
or colonnades.

It may not be
architecturally beautiful
like those in sub-urban and cities,
it may not have corridors,
no arcade and patios.

No lawn, no car park,
no swimming pool,
no high fenced walls with
razor thin barbed wires.
No bar-be-cue hut,
no indoor sporting facilities.

The house may not be
built on several acreage of land,
it may not be a gated home
with sentry nor
located in a high brow area,
but situated in the ghetto-
in the slum where the humble
and down-trodden live.

It may not carry the usual
three coat paint,
not even white washed.
The fixtures, appurtenances, and
fittings may be old,
even outdated.

The roof may not be
red-styled-tiles arranged in
a pyramidal form-
symbol of wealth and opulence.

No lush, no green grasses,
no ornate, no baroque
not even the common
trees to provide shade,
no flower beds, no hanging trees.

But a simple and modest abode
it has become to its owners,
shelter to its occupants for years.

The homestead the owners
always call my haven-
the home sweet home.

Even though, it may not have
all the glittering,
the rooms may not be
ballet halls extending from one
end to another.

Instead, a medium size room that
accommodates life essential
for habitation,
still, a roof it has become
for those who reside in it.

Its furniture may not be golden or
made from teak, cedar wood,
acacia, alder, redwood, juniper,
mahogany, and the great sequoia.

The carpets and the underlays
may not come from the
Orient or Eastern world,
its lightings and fixtures may
not be chandelier,
perhaps, paraffin-liquid-operated
dark lantern, daylight or desk lamp.

The comfort may be modest or
barely satisfactory,
still, it serves as a place to lay head
after every day’s struggles.

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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