Man-A City Within a city

Man A City Within a city long poem

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Like city wall that
blocks off invaders,
so is the skin which covers
the body from head top
to the sole of the foot.

A wall that protects the body
against known and un-known enemies,
a drain pipe that discharges and
eliminates human waste.

A multi-purpose blanket for
all seasons and weathers,
a supportive covering and
life trusted mantle.

Like Capitol Hill which functions
as a legislative house
where law, bill, command, edit,
rule, ordinance, pronouncement,
statute, and decree originate.

Or a group of buildings
where government businesses
are planned, conducted,
coordinated, and promoted.

So is the mind the intellectual seat-
the collective conscious and unconscious
central processing unit,
which coordinates and controls man’s
intellect, thoughts, emotions,
perception, will, memory,
change, imagination,
reason, and action.

Like a complex web of electrical and
Tele-network system,
which provides electricity and
communication to city dwellers,
so the intricate nervous system,
which provides perplexed network of
electrical signals and messages
back and forth the body.

Like multiple under-ground pipes
that supply water to homes and
factories in the city,
similarly, the complex blood vessels
within the blood circulatory system
supply oxygenated blood,
nutrients, and other
life necessities.
More than city pipes,
blood vessels carry de-oxygenated
air to the heart for purification.

Like city transport system
that ferries man to and from the city,
carries goods and services to
where wanted and needed,
in like manner
legs have become human
carriers for both short and
long journeys he undertakes daily.

Like power plant
that generates and supplies
light to sustain life during the day and
visibility at night;
thus, human eyes have
become light bearers and
illuminators to those who
have them day and night.

Within the city gates are
the town criers,
in the heart of the city are
horn blowers,
at king’s court are the ballads.

Thus, mouth has become
the body’s town crier,
as message encoder
mouth has become
horn blower that carries
messages of happiness,
sadness, anger, surprise, disgust,
fear, confusion, excitement,
desire, and contempt.

Like city installed surveillance cameras
that monitor human deeds,
protect, and provide security
to the community,
likewise human eyes have become body
security watch and alert provider.

From man’s look, facial
expression, gazing, staring, and
eyes communicate messages of
hostility, acceptance, rejection,
love, interest, attraction and
inform the body of
in-coming danger.

In the city are signs, symbols, and
signals for direction,
through body language and codes
arms’ movements and legs crossing
body encode and send messages.
Through proxemics and haptic
body says a lot more than making
speeches and long essays.

In fact, more than anything else,
body language say and give more
distinctive messages,
without opening mouth or
engaging the muscular hydrostat-
the tongue-
human eyes read and interpret
body language and codes.

A city is identified by
its culture, tradition, and custom,
likewise individual is identified
by his manners, habits, behavior,
appearance, and character.

Like city water plant that
keeps processing and supplying
the water for life,
in like manner,
heart has become a purifier and
a supplier of “water of life.”

Like city security apparatus or agents
that prevent crimes, protect life, and
secure the city from
predators and marauders-
by being alert, watchful,
prompt, apt, and expeditious.

Correspondingly, body
uses its sensory organs of
sight, sound, smell,
taste, and touch as security alert-
to warn against known and
un-known dangers.

Like under-ground pipe-lines
that supply turbines, power, and
water plants with gases to
provide homes and factories
with energy;
and also home chimney
that carries off smoke.

Similarly, lungs act as ingress,
the body air ducts
that supply the life’s essential gas.
Interestingly, same lungs also
function as egress-
the vent holes that dispose
undesirable gas.

Just like city warehouse,
which keeps and preserves
city treasures, correspondingly, stomach has
become body warehouse
which receives and keeps
body treasures.

Temporarily, stomach holds
foods, drinks, body needs, and
un-wanted elements
before disposal.

Thanks to city re-cycling plant
which unceasingly re-cycles
city generated waste,
filters, and disposes
un-wanted materials,
but returns clean elements
to the city.

In like manner, the body Kidneys
the bean-shaped organ
have become a formidable
re-cycling plant that filters and
removes the waste from human body,
but retains the essentials.

Thanks to city mill—the refinery
that continually process
raw-materials by adding
value to them to become edible-
foods for city dwellers.

More thanks to human liver
the silent and ever working
mill-machine for breaking
into pieces what human
ingests into the body for
absorption at all times.

Forever, the symbolic city will
co-exist with the typical city,
both will continue to
live side by side and deepen
their symbiotic relationship.

Through eternity both symbolic and
typical city shall continue to learn
from each other.
Truly, man is a city within a city.

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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Wonderful your body to be protected with love it is your temple.
Amazement as you have just described us in a splendid way.
But what of the (soul) for the want of a better word, our inner energy
which can not be touched but is incased in us.


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