Ever working: The Incredible Machine Of Life

Ever working: The Incredible Machine Of Life short poem

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Is man standing?
Heart throbs.
Is man squatting?
Heart pulsates.

Is man on his knees?
Heart beats,
even when posture affects the heart-
its rhythms never end.

In humor heart goes
back and forth,
in glumness it thrums,
in sullenness heart pounds and
in sorrow heart pulsates.

In joyful mood
heart kicks hard,
in temper it systoles,
in danger heart does it-
even more and faster.

The medical state of
mind and the body
may severely or minimally
affect human’s heart,
still, its rhythms endure,
without cessation it goes on.

Without you, man is-
but a dead soul.
Without you, what can a man do?
Absolutely not!
But with you-
man lives and fulfills his earthly
with you, man’s inner personality is-
revealed, known, and appreciated.

O! My heart,
what makes you special?
Is it the nine to 15 ounces, or
the 250 to 300 grams weight of a
normal and functioning heart?
May be, but more to it than weight.

Is it the clenched fist size, or
cone-shaped four-valve-design?
Why is man so fond of thee?
May it be your special location
within the body?

Should it be your structural make up
among other body organs,
a rarity of a sort-
outcome of the tripod-
muscle, connective, and
nervous tissues?
Perhaps, it could be.
But more important,
It is your life sustaining-power.

Until thou cease to palpitate,
‘till the tick, tick sounds stop,
when man closes his eyes and
say goodbye;
thou shall always be
the fountain of life.

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Silas O. Abayomi

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Communication expert, education researcher, pollster, gender/physically challenged advocacy, linguist, poet, and a writer.
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The usefulness of the human heart so well said!


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