A Glowing Cloud Cover

A Glowing Cloud Cover short poem

Photo by h.koppdelaney

Frightening rain clouds on the Eastern skyline are aglow,
infused with a coppery color caused by the protruding angle of the sun.
This coppery infusion has a message:
Nature has taken control of this reflective wilderness evening.
Displaying a bond of love, serene peace, plus, joyous tranquility.
This glowing cloud cover, casting a shifting shadow over this part of creation.
In the deepening twilight, mysterious shadows are created,
enhanced by a full harvest gold moon.
The coppery colored infusion earlier found in the cloud cover,
has been washed with a gentle falling rain.
Back-dropped with Nature’s night-light.
Found on Nature’s floor the flora and fauna are sleeping,
covered with a blanket of washed gold, created by the full harvest gold moon,
in a gentle falling rain.

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Nadeem Qazilbash

The serene moment recreated by the poet, with the gentle falling rain has the tender touch of a mothers gentle pat and a lullaby, peaceful sleep…


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