Types Of Love

Types Of Love long poem

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There are three kinds of love,
Love that tests you,
Love that loves you,
Love that doesn’t love you back.

The love that tests you,
doesn’t conquer, it leads you,
to the unfathomable galaxies,
most of them are imaginary,
where everything is grey and white,
and you only want to fight,
to be together, forever.
Because you loved and
then the miracle happened.
The one you loved, loved you back,
without a promise or a compromise,
A rack bearing each other’s burden,
one after the other,
Noticed, ignored, aforementioned,
adored, hated, rated, stuck together,
for as long as it was needed.
Pulled through and then made the news,
challenges, conundrums,
Sending out memorandums,
sticking together, falling out,
breaking up, falling down,
survival and instinct what you think
is what I think, we can and we will
Love each other until we make it.

The love that loves us,
It’s the love without any fuss,
It’s all rainbows and sunshine,
oh! Feels so divine,
You walked up and said those magic words,
She heard you and felt the resonance,
Tickled every funny bone in her body,
You only grew close with this somebody,
from far across you gazed and felt
the connection, the pull,
felt the way the heart melt,
at her smile, Her touch, you blushed,
at every moan and kiss you hushed.
This is the fairy tale people,
The one with the tag of happily ever after.
Oh! He wakes up before you do,
Lies in bed completely stalking you,
watches you, when the sunshine
plays with your face,
kisses your whole body
until there’s no unkissed place.
The insinuation,
that’s worth every fallen drape.
They make love under blankets
like superheroes under cape.
These are perfect love stories
tested and achieved,
They just wished and
instantly received.

Love that doesn’t love you back,
makes you lose your track,
The unrequited, the fallen,
Unwanted, rotten,
walking dead, uncommon,
alone and forgotten.
They put the heart on the line,
only for someone to use it
as a protection against the land mine,
Metal shards pierce through the heart,
and they walk like art,
always unnoticed,
quietly through the corridors,
gazing, watching the love of their lives
walk away.
But they know,
It begets, not begotten.
Love’s lost, not forgotten.
He remembers her every word,
but he is forgotten.
The mirrors hide their reflection,
because you can’t reflect perfection,
every one leave them alone,
because you can’t compete with love alone.
They look like they are tragic,
Ignored by Logic,
next time you see a soul that lonesome,
Sit with them, let them know
they are awesome.

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Mohammed Abrar Ahmed is on a journey to find himself, his voice with his passion for poetry and creative writing. He is cleaning the dust of footprints left in memories closet long since forgotten. Trying to right his wrongs and re-take the decisions already made, hoping to correct them. He is an introvert and what he speaks is mostly through his poetry on Facebook. He writes every day in some way to keep his passion alive, whether it is poetry, short stories or working on his first book.
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Saurin Desai

I have experienced all three of the loves that you’ve written about…
And can now look back and smile about it 🙂

revati dewal

Oh! He wakes up before you do,
Lies in bed completely stalking you,

those lines… <3

Laya Sarath

Awesome 🙂


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