Remember Dear

Remember Dear long poem

remember dear…
on that moonlit
when we sat
the glittering
on the blue waters
…you had written
my name
on the Golden Sands;
as a receding wave
washed it away…
I had questioned?

You smiled…
snuggled closer
and whispered…
“Your name is
etched in
my heart, Darling”

remember dear
on that
distant evening
we had walked
hand in hand
on the sunset sands
…seeing not
your shadow beside mine
I had questioned?

you smiled..
crept closer
and said
“I ain’t an entity..
darling… I am within you!!

remember dear
on that
beautiful spring
we sat to study
and seeing you
etch our love
on the library desk
I questioned?
you blushed
in volumes
“I want history
to know
how much I love you

remember dear…
that warm afternoon
we sat in a
five-star restaurant
sipping cola
munching wafers
in an atmosphere of
strictly sentimental
taped music
and you were lost
in the lyrics…
and I questioned?

you coyly said
“I am dreaming of you darling!”
and …
reached out…
picked a tooth pick
and began
picking dreams
with a toothpick!!!

remember dear …
remember our love!!

remember dear
that playful evening
wading through the tide
I had cupped
a handful of the sea
and held it to your lips
to taste..
in your innocence
you did
and I laughed
at your salty look
…feeling teased
you sulked
in the shadows
of the fishermen’s boats appease thee
I kissed your lips,
tasting a sweetness in them
I had questioned?

you looked into my eyes
and said…
“Darling love is sweet!”

remember dear
that wild Saturday
with you clinging
to me on the pillion
on my blue Honda
we flew to
our weekend joint had nibbled
my ears and whispered
…but …a gust of wind
stole the words away
…later, when you
lay in my arms
I had questioned?
you caressed me
and said
“Darling… it’s
so nice to be so
close and hugging you!”

remember dear..
that day
you came
all decked up
gracefully draped
in a sari… and
I had questioned?
you smiled
and said..
“you wanted
to see me in a sari
didn’t you, darling…
well here I am!”
…in joy
I took your hand
and kissed a
“thank you dear!”
on it.

remember dear
just the day
before the college term ended
I requested you
to inscribe
your lovely hand
on the pink pages
of an autograph book…
…when you refused…
I questioned?
“I am yours..
forever… darling …
so why make
our eternal love
just a memory
on a pink page!”

remember dear…
that fine morning
we met
in the dark
college corridor
seeing a luster
of a dream in your eyes
I had questioned?

you beamed
“Darling, the whole
of last night,
I dreamed of you
and you alone..
it is the residue
of that dream
you see in my eyes!!”

remember dear..
that starlit night
you lay
with your head
upon my lap
and …
seeing a million stars
reflected in your eyes
I had questioned?

you said…
“Darling, I see
your loving, smiling face
in each of those

remember dear..
remember our love!!!

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8 Comments on "Remember Dear"

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Saurin Desai

the love is put so well in these words. i am reminded of memories, past and present

Savi Mani

Wow wonderful poem, the eternal love etched on the heart forever, in simple words how wonderfully you have brought out the feeling of love between the two lovers, those days of innocence, those days of togetherness, those days when everything looked and felt as if magic, those wonderful beautiful days………awesome Viswas, I am sure each loving heart who would read this poem will go back down memory lane,……….fantastic

ammu sachariah

Fantastic. I could visualize the scene one by one.

Geetha Paniker

Beautifully depicted togetherness.


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