Words short poem

You are all around me,
From wake to sleep
Holding each inch of my life
Deciding, how my day be
And letting me play with you
A hardest thing, I’ve ever known
You rule my friends and enemies,
If I not pick the right of you
Soon turning my friend to foe,
And vice versa
Also, looking at age and plumping,
That people call, maturity
You around me, never I am impassive
My helping hand in situations,
My strength, my weakness and
What not I owe you ?
You make NICE and KNIFE out of me
To choose which?
Is the only access you give
But whatever,
I love you like
I never loved any
And I promise,
I will love you,
Like I never love any..
And what are you?
You are my “Words”

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7 Comments on "Words"

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Nadeem Qazilbash

What a double edge sword, words can be. hoping the world to become a more restrained place when it comes to words.

Viswas Menon

well written…love the way you have taken us on the journey with words…keep it up!!

ammu sachariah

Your ‘ words’ are sharp and beautiful . Well written. I enjoyed it.

Makaylah Downs

I love the whole nice and knife concept. This was lovely.

asoke kumar mitra

what a lovely write,,,,,,,ahhhhhhhhh.


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