Mother… My Ode To You

Mother... My Ode To You short poem

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Each time I fall
Every moment that I find myself broken
Wallowing in sordid pain of yore
Tempted to flee, desperate for refuge
And fear I’ve reached the end of the tunnel
You come to me then, like an angel
Caress my heart and soothe my soul
Hold me up and calm me down
Your magic words, they prod me to hold on
Your tranquil presence breathes life in me again
Fills me with hope and urges me to fight
My innate morosity and despair
Every accolade, each trophy of mine, to you I attribute
Mother, my beacon of life, my reason to survive

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Preeti Govada is a freelance writer and poet. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, she’s done her MBA in Human relations and currently resides at Mumbai with her husband and son. She’s currently working on her upcoming book which is a collection of short stories. She loves observing people around her and integrating their experiences into her short stories and poetry. Besides dabbling at cooking, she enjoys travelling, browsing the internet, reading and spending time with her family. If you’d like to connect with her, you can email her at
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Balveen Cheema

How rightly expressed-mother, my beacon of life! Bless you!

Laya Sarath

So wonderfully expressed..Mother obviously is a reason to move on…

ammu sachariah

You are right. Mother is the beacon of life ,reason to survive and gives courage to fight.

Akhtar Jawad

A beautiful tribute to a mother. A nice poem!


This is a beautiful poem and well written. It is a wonderful tribute to mother, she gives us life and helps us to have courage and picks us up when we fall. I really loved this, please keep on writing and I will keep reading.

Arpita Roy

mother indeed brings life in us when we are down, our beacon of life and reason to survive. beautifully written and expressed.

Viswas Menon

wonderful work….keep it up Preeti…


A beautiful poem indeed. Enjoyed reading it.


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