Gratitude short poem

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Has anyone told you?
You make them smile?
A little jesting
And a crappy day becomes worthwhile…

Has anyone told you?
Your hugs are like glue
They stick back the pieces
Broken into two…

Have you ever been told?
The kindness in your heart
Has lent someone some joy
When they were falling apart

The hand you extended
Towards the fallen one
And the morsel of sweet to
A homeless person was thanked

The heart that was broken
You eased the throbbing with a smile
She forgot about the pain
Atleast for a little while

Has anyone told you?
You brighten their day?
You light up the dark
Small gestures go a long way

If no one yet has told you
Let me do the honours
Thank you for existing
For smoothening out the corners

Thank you for a sharing
Your beautiful heart
In a world full of hatred
That drives us apart

All of you who care
Who bring warmth in the cold
Thank you for existing
You brighten the world

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14 Comments on "Gratitude"

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Balveen Cheema

Saviours surely need to be thanked!

Laya Sarath



A most beautiful poem I enjoyed reading and was left with joy in my heart. Thank you for sharing this poem.


Indeed a very beautiful poem.

ammu sachariah

Beautiful poem. We always forget , simple things can do a lot to others.

Randall Smith

So much truth said so well. A smile can change everything and everyone. We not only need to receive a smile but to give them. You put the meaning of caring into this so well.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

I owe you nothing……so do not expect from me anything as gratitude..…….
……………..even if I owe you something good hearts like you do not do good things expecting gratitude……..
…………that is why I leave you without any gratitude……but only with appreciation .



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