The Prussian Blue Kite

The Prussian Blue Kite ballad

Photo by Fimb

A perfect breeze and a crystal blue sky,
Speckled with colors of kites flying high.

A little beyond, the rainbow smears its color
On the Prussian Blue Kite that glides in valor.

The crowd beneath rejoice and cheer,
As his master tugs his tail and he soars up higher.

No time to waste, no moment to pause,
He’s got to prove his worth, he’s here for a cause.

A pair of pretty eyes watch through the crowd,
As his master brims in grandeur with each kite knocked out.

So the Prussian Blue Kite, loyal and brilliant,
Drifts with the wind, for his master so jubilant.

Oh darn! A monster awaits in the nescient Blue Kite
The vicious Red kite, dashed with all his might.

Moments of scuffle………..
And his string fell loose, though he gave a good fight,
The crowd roared again; this time for the Red Kite!

The wind betrayed and pushed him down
Soon he gasped – his master had lost the crown.

So he sailed with the wind, in shame and horror,
To find a new master – may be a Tree or a River.

Poet’s Note
This is a metaphorical representation of a person’s life, the ups and downs and how the society treats him/her accordingly.

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Shreya Das

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Many call me a feminist, a rebel! But I consider myself a 'Humanist'. I had my own phases of sorrow and challenges, but I still believe the world around can be changed, can be made beautiful for All! I love to express my thought and belief through my poems and essays and hope to make a difference in the readers' mind. I aspire to publish my work someday.
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