Let Me Bequeath My Fond Memories To You

Let Me Bequeath My Fond Memories To You long poem

Photo by Fort Bragg

Let me bequeath my fond memories to you
Before I depart for the vermilion horizon
Beyond the deep blue blur where the birds return at dusk…
Memories of lazy winter afternoons beneath clear blue skies
Rummaging through curious branches of the lonesome guava tree
Looking for fat, sweet guavas atop careless rooftops…
Or those of the bread-maker selling fresh buns,
His screeching old bicycle to give him company,
Puffs at his cheroot and puffs of smoky breath to keep him warm,
And the starry winter evening for a roof…
Memories of fighting with my friends
For a chance to paint each other with gulaal,
During the wild festival of colors in spring…
And those of watching with wonder
How the budding leaves turned red to bright red and then to green,
With passing spring…
Memories of mad summer afternoons
Spent under a frowning sun with a bunch of lunatics
Chasing a football, or each other in the absence of one
Or sitting by the mossy pond beside the old banyan tree, with you,
Trying to catch a glimpse of a daring fish or two,
Not thinking that someday we might fall in love…
Let me bequeath you my fond memories,
Of growing up, you and me, beneath the same banyan tree
Huddled together, dripping, warm, our hearts pounding faster with passing time
As the feral tempest raged on in the world outside…

Let me bequeath my fond memories to you,
For that is all that remains worthy of giving,
Worth more than the gold that confines me and many more like me
To this gored trench,
Behind a thick curtain of gun-powder smoke, under hails of cannon shell,
Amidst a madness, not so innocent as us, chasing that old leather football,
In a world that is not like the one we had built for us, beneath that old banyan tree,
As we stood dripping, our hearts pounding faster with passing time…
I send you these memories,
Before they fade away in these rampant crimson tides,
And before I depart for the vermilion horizon
Beyond the deep blue blur where the birds return at dusk…

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2 Comments on "Let Me Bequeath My Fond Memories To You"

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Randall Smith

Had to read this twice and each time I got more out of it. Means i will have to read it again. Thanks
for the read.


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