I Was Very Happy

I Was Very Happy prose poem

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I was very happy
When I was admitted to the hospital in room 101
‘Coz, I have seen the medics telling some that there is no
Need of admitting this patient, as there is no hope
And It showed that they had some hope in me.

I was very happy
When the man in room no 102 said,
So, “You have a big family”
‘Coz inspite of having 6 grown up children,
Two wives and eight siblings he was always alone
And I was never left alone for a single minute
Though I had only one husband, two small children and one sister.

I was very happy
When the man in room no. 103 said
“So you can sleep peacefully”
‘Coz, he was the top official of a company who was
Never able to sleep in the day due to pain and in the
Night due to phone calls. I Slept peacefully in the night
‘Coz my friends never ever allowed me to sleep in the day
With their calls and presence.

I was very happy
When the lady in room no.104 said
“So, You have a home”
Inspite of having 3 houses
‘Coz she always had food from the hospital canteen.
And she always heard of my cooking classes over the phone,
But only one home I have.

I was very happy
When the man in room no.105 teased me
So, “You are a sales or marketing department”
As, he always heard me asking
Over phone……Hi! How are you ?
‘Coz, he never received any phone calls or visitors
In the hospital……as he was the director.

I was very happy
When my friends who came to visit
Said, “ did anything happen to the road or the benz”
‘Coz, benz is very costly and we cannot afford it.
And for you we are always there.

I was very happy
When the nurse said to me
You will recover faster than others
‘Coz, you have relations
As she saw me walking
Holding my sister
And showed me others
Who walked on crutches.

I was very happy,
When the medic said,
I am sending you home,
You don’t need our support
‘Coz you have everything
Which money can’t buy.

Poet’s Note
Some 2-3 years back, I met with an accident, and was admitted in the hospital, at that time I wrote this looking into my fellow patients.

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Sindhu Ramaswamy

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I am the one who has a passion for letters, but fate took me to work on figures. Working in the payrolll section, I am unable to give much time for my passion in writing, But God is with me, in every 5 years, he causes some minor accidents and gives me one month to write something.I am more interested in words than figuresBut figures pays....words does not......
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Balveen Cheema

Remain happy and count your blessings.


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