Solitude long poem

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The destination of life is same for all,
Just the path gets contrasting as we crawl,
A few reach the destination with comfort,
And most reach it with a lot of tiring effort,
In the end heads are high for some,
As victory comes beating a drum,
But most have drooped down heads,
As defeat causes tears to shed.

Dawn to dusk is the time for them,
Who have incurred a lot of fame,
With foot on ground and heads up in the sky,
They move with pride and have wings to fly.
Dusk to dawn is the time for them,
Who are bound to hide faces in shame,
With foot on ground and heads hidden down,
They are treated as the town’s biggest clowns.

I count myself among the latter,
As my life is in a tatter,
Fallen dirty in some forbidden corner,
Life has always appeared as a scorner,
With people passing by me every moment,
Close ones consider me as a bad omen,
Thus I move deserted under shadows,
There appear water stains below the eye.

Sitting on the empty benches in the park,
I am forced to hide alone in the dark,
With some fellows like me sharing other benches,
We are all incognate, fallen in the compatible trenches,
No hands do ever show up for our support,
Only countless lips inundate to snort,
They whisper to compose fun of our failure,
Almighty seems to be our only saviour,

Streets buzzing with various loud sounds,
Every footstep causing vibrations on the ground,
I can feel my heart urging to be among the crowd,
But I fear stepping in seeing the overcast cloud,
It may rain any moment with heavy drizzle,
And people may taunt me making me frizzle,
So I elope late when everyone’s back home,
Quietly without avoiding to disturb famous Gnome.

Back at home affectionate darkness prevails,
With cracked walls and water patches forming scales,
I sit with a lighted puff gasping at the moon,
With no words to speak,sinking in a swoon,
This state of mine had been adapted since long,
From the time sadness tied me with a thong,
Hopes disappeared,Dreams shattered down,
It’s been long I am holding my battered crown.

Poet’s Note
This poem is written in a manner to explain two sects of people in the first two stanzas.Very few people incur all desires and ambitions in life with very less effort with the help of ancestral treasure or parental help.But most reach the destination with lots and lots of struggle and hard work as they are born poor.there is another group of people who is unable to succeed in life and is secluded by the society.They are ignored and considered bad luck due to their failure.Now slowly the ones who are ignored starts to feel lonely and try to stay away from the sight of the people.Dust to dawn is the time of darkness where people can move unnoticed.So this is the appropriate time for the fallen to choose and move around as its hard for a living being to stay caged at home.They too desire to breath the fresh air around.So they move around in the dark lanes and sit in the dark corners in a park.In this poem I expressed my feeling of solitude in the form of a person suffering failure.So I ain’t sitting in the dark benches,i get fellow companions who too like to move in darkness due to the similar reason like mine.In the forth stanza I speak as a whole for all of us fallen down.We get none among the victorious to support us and help us to get out of the deep trench.But they whisper and gossip about our failure and increase our sadness.In the second stanza I count myself in person who has lost in life’s game and is following his shadow as friend.Next stanza describes about the feelings of walking among the crowd with heads high but a fear of being taunted and laughed at provokes from joining.Waiting till late night when streets get empty and i can escape out to my rest without been noticed.I do it with due silence not even to awake Gnome(a legendary little man living in the depth of the earth guarding hidden treasures).Reaching home I sit in the affectionate darkness glancing at the moon with a smoke lit.The walls of the house is cracked and water soaked walls appear as scales.This depicts the state of my living.And smoke depicts the only means of feeding.hunger is subsided by the smoke and the sight of moon that helps me to sooth my mind and get lost in the world of thoughts.

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I am a college student with enormous energy to talk and act. I was in class three when I first wrote a story although it lacked traces of reality. It consisted of my imagination and rhymes. My parents were oblivious to the fact that I can write poems and stories, as I am a very secretive person. It was during my 12th standard examination when one of the invigilators found me of my scribbling on my question paper, a piece pertaining to the incidents of the Examination Hall. Since it consisted of blatant, ugly truths of the prevailing scenario of the Hall, I was reported to the Principal and my parents were summoned. That was how for the first time my parents came to know that I have a knack towards writing. I was censured, but simultaneously the externals did pat my back. And that's where I was propagated to take my writing seriously. It was my seat of Inception to Revelation of my Being through poems. It was an inexpressible feeling where I was chided as well as praised by my Principal Sir. This is why I kept on writing what ever popped up in my mind and penned down my thoughts about my family, nature, parents, feelings and even animals. I am not a poet by birth but I am a poet by situation. I love to write poems as they are my best means of expression and my pen is my best comrade.
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