Anticipation Of Spring

Anticipation Of Spring prose poem

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As winter slowly wanes, its cold breath slowly turns to the warm
Breath of spring, renewing and accepting the Wonderment,that spring
Shall bring forth nature’s power of renewal. Oh how awesome it makes us feel
As we await the beauty and the anticipation of spring that we shall accept.

Watch the daffodil slowing begin to bloom as it pushes its way up from earth
And ground. Watch the buds on the Bradford pears burst open and the yellow
Grass as it begins its journey to green, and the firmament and all it contains show
Its force that Mother Nature shall bring and anoint us all with its renewal of life.

Watch the farmer as he busts open the soil and turns over the ground and tills the dirt
To a fine sift, awaiting the planting of seed that will bring forth a great abundance
Of Food to renew life’s bread for us all; and to exclaim, spring is finely here!

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I am 72 years old retired and I enjoy creating ,although I do not write many poems the ones I do write come from a thought projected into a poem. I try to verse these poems thru a variety of thoughts.
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