Sometimes all I need

Sometimes all I need short poem

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Sometimes all I need is a pleasing look from your beautiful eyes,
Sometimes all I need is a word of care from your beautiful heart,
Sometimes all I need is a warm hug from your beautiful soul,

Sometimes all I need is someone who will hold my hand and say “Everything will be alright”,
Sometimes all I need is someone who will think about me before thinking for anybody else,
Sometimes all I need is a small support when I am struggling to stand,
Sometimes all I need is a person who will make me myself when I am lost . . .
And, sometimes all I need is Love…
Then why does my love – filled heart sometimes become alone?
Why do I feel sometimes that, Love is just a four – letter word for you….

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5 Comments on "Sometimes all I need"

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Very beutiful….

Geetha Paniker


asoke kumar mitra

very heart wrenching write. love is a four letter…………………..very rare now a days


Vety good attempt.just carry on. It was a nice reading


I related to almost every need you mentioned…Perfectly captured the deep human needs:)


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