People or Teeth

People or Teeth short poem

Photo by J. Saper

The day I lost my very first tooth,
I was half way through grade four,
I’d run my tongue along the gap,
Where my tooth had been before.
I remember I went home crying,
And showed it to my mum,
She told me a brand new tooth,
Would grow up in my gum.
In a while the gap would stop feeling strange,
I wouldn’t notice the tooth was gone,
The only reason I missed it now,
Was because it was there for so long.
Then slowly, but surely over the weeks,
In the gap, a new tooth grew,
And now as I grow up, it makes me wonder,
If people are like teeth too.

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Vaishnavi I like the humour between your lines! Especially your pun on ‘gap’.


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