Let it go….

Let it go.... short poem

Photo by katmary

I was the type of person,
That held onto things too tight,
Unable to release my grip,
When it no longer felt right.
And although it gave me blisters,
And my fingers would all ache,
I always thought that holding on,
Was worth the pain it takes.
I used to think in losing things,
I’d lose a part of me too.
That slowly I’d become someone,
My heart no longer knew.
Then one day something happened,
I dropped what I once held dear,
But my soul became much lighter,
Instead of filled with fear.
And it taught my heart that somethings,
Aren’t meant to last for long,
They arrive to teach you lessons,
And then they continue on.
You don’t have to cling onto people,
Who no longer make you smile,
Or do something you’ve come to hate,
If it isn’t worth your while.
That sometimes the thing you’re fighting for,
Isn’t worth the cost,
And not everything you lose,
Is bound to be a loss.

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3 Comments on "Let it go…."

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Swathi Rao

Lovingly care for those…
Who shall ever have a care for you.
Why hold tight to those cares..
That shall be uncaring if you…

Let go those memories..
By those who had no care…
Matters, are those memories.
That left some smiles, in your care.

An impromptu poem, trying to match your very nicely written poem…

Swathi Rao

Typo, That shall be uncaring of you…

Sweta Samantaray (Hymns_of_my_heart)

Very thoughtful!!! I enjoyed reading the poem.


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