Welcome to the jungle

Welcome to the jungle short poem

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A society that has to put all types of animals in cages and not let them free
Consequences make it because humans will kill anything even you and me
The human race has won and lost so much can’t you see
The prisons are fuller because many men have given up on humanity
They now live in a jungle run by the Gorillas and the lions having their own territory
A prison for a prison in the wastelands of society preparing for a time when a law is changed then they are deemed exalted and the Leopard is back in his tree
Animals have characteristics if you’ve noticed to make an equilibrium to whatever they may be
Humans call it natural selection where only the rich and well off can truly rule through good schooling and money to have a greater chance to live purposefully
A never ending Circle of Life like the film you see on TV but there’s no happy ending so are the humans humane enough to right this so called democracy.

Poet’s Note
One man once said “to see society you only need to see the prisoners it keeps”.

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Peter Kiggin

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I am a poet through and through and anyone that tells you different you must deny it and slap them across the face very roughly indeed. I love the normal things in life and turning them into mysterious meaningful emotionally attached fascinating object or subjects.
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