Crimson Shore

Crimson Shore short poem

Photo by Sam Droege

I sail towards the melting horizon.
The boat hugs a rock, yet only cracks.
I don’t drown, but there is a frozen mass,
Stone heavy, pulling me down; my heart.
Worried, I dive and swim to the edge.
I see the milky moon on the ripples.
Red dissolves, blood kisses the water.
Gory! Scared, I look around.
I wade through the dark.
Faith bleeds, slit in the hands of charm.
Waves bring nerve-plucking pain.
Misery birds scavenge truth on the shore.
I smell her in the cold air.
She walks with sinuous steps,
Smiles vicious; love thrashes around.
Death lurks beneath her words.

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Deepak Janardhan

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My name is Deepak Janardhan. I live in Bangalore and work for IBM as a Technical Writer. I started writing at the age of 20 years and since then writing has been the love of my life. I am a passionate writer, a hobbyist photographer, an incessant learner and eternal dreamer.
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Laya Sarath

Death lurks beneath her words…hmm good one …keep going…

ammu sachariah

Interesting poem. I like it.


Spooky at first reading but oh you have so much more in your poem.
I love the way you describe the sea and all her moves—but also I see a sadness,
do correct me if I have read you wrong.
The moon coming up the sun going down an awe inspiring scene


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