Famous Husband

Famous Husband short poem

A short poem wondering on the aspects of fame. A rock-star husband leaves childhood sweetheart, his wife, during his heydays, only to find that destiny often misleads, when things have to go wrong.

Those loving, beautiful eyes of yours..
Oh, they haunt me again, with no cure…
Our young love, your all forgiving warmth
Oh the delightful days, seem now so far…

Fame, and vanity, took me away, my sweet
Being the rock-star, the world at my feet
But why, did I forget you were the charm
The loving nest, that warded off all harm..

I gave in, to that little superstitious fan..
And cruelly proved to you, I ain’t your man,
You were forgiving yet, my lovely eternal sweet..
Only, I ignored, as my downfall had dug in deep…

So it was to happen, I could not ward it away
My legacy, my talents all stared in dismay..
My arrogant mind failed to see the signs
Of the glitter paths, just behind the money wands…

A viscous cycle, of fame, arrogance and vanity..
I was pushed in, lured by her cold insanity..
Till one day, I lay all shattered and lonely..
Regretting betrayal, to the sweetest lovely lady.

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A poet since my childhood, I have often felt that the poets perceptions may often be considered path changing, or society breaking. I have written several poems on controversial topics, some on historical events. The desire to publish these poems, stems from the fact, that indeed these poems have turned out most satisfactory.
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Welcome to HoP @pincogs and we can say with pleasure after reading your submission that it is going to be a fruitful journey. Lovely style of writing, rhythmic and succinct.


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