Oh Clock!

Oh! It’s just a Clock.
Oh! These are just the mechanical sticks.
These are not like my arms,
They move all the time.
And I look at them all the time!

Yes Time!

They define time.
Oh…what is time??
The sticks lead us to the time.

This clock at my wall is so important to me!

Oh…it’s just a clock!
But I look at it more than I look at anybody in the house.

It looks like three friends are moving together.
They move according to each other.

One is fast…in hurry!
The other two, close to each other.

Different, but so dependent!

Together they make up for everything!

It’s so beautiful to look at them.

The Clock!
Oh..It’s just a Clock!
Just the mechanical arms moving round the frame.

But, there is so much it speaks!
There is so much which means to be understood.

I understand relationships looking at these mechanical arms.

People move apart but how they stay connected.

And these connections make for everything around!

To move is to survive.
When the arms stop moving,
The connections are lost and everything seems to be of no relevance!

Relationships have the same nature.

I have seen relationships changing positions.
From strangers to friends,
From friends to best friends,
And even from enemies to lovers.

The clock shows it all.
Relationships change positions!

At one time, the first arm is close to the second,
And at the other point, close to the third!

Changing positions,
Changing relations.

But so dependent, in the very same frame!

This clock has always shown me the right time.

This is the right time to know the change.
This is the right time to understand the frame.
This is the right time to understand the “changing” relationship strain!

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Neha Sarthak Gautam

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I am a Biotechnologist by profession who likes to read and write poetry.
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