La Spezia

La Spezia ode

Photo by Vicburton

Sapphire blue turns to white
As waves greet rocks of black
Bella notte, the waves promise, a beautiful night
While the road rises to meet me, and welcome me back

Boats rock gently upon your sea
The clouds turning pink now
Lazily floating above me
Homes of orange and yellow and red
Stones of black and white and grey
Are perched upon the hillside
As smartly as the hat upon my head

I gaze upon your wonder and inhale the air of the sea
I start off the path, breathing calmly as my mind begins to ease
For I am already wrapped in your warmth and charm
You have already embraced me as tightly as the hillside embraces thee

Ciao La Spezia!
Your beauty and charm I have missed
Bella note La Spezia!
A beautiful night upon my eyes you have gently kissed

Poet’s Note
About La Spezia Italy, a town too beautiful to put into words

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Fabrizio Frosini

Hi, @peanuttyo
è sempre un piacere leggere una poesia sull’Italia..
Greetings from Firenze


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