Whispering Time

Pendulum strikes as usual
Life span rotates on this formula.
Time moves fast-
Silent shadow starts to shrink
In the form of night.
Darkness give way to light
Again and again the wheel rotates
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter-
Changes come everywhere
Your gains and loss make you perfect in life.
The whispers of the Wind
Leaves something behind.
The light peeping through the Trees
Leaves a little wisdom of experience
Let the world have the patience
To listen to that Wisdom

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ammu sachariah

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I was working as the head teacher of a high school for many years.I have written many poems in English, Urdu and Malayalam. But i never had the confidence to bring it to the public .Better to say, i never tried for it due to lack of confidence.Now i got a platform to bring myself forward.Thanks to the editorial board of high on poems.I enjoy reading and writing.
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ramakrishnan chatakondu

Silent shadows starts to shrink
In the form of night……..

Outstanding .……………………

There is so much to Learn from the experience of our elders , very beautifully told .


Wonderful how you have depicted time I loved it.

Viswas Menon

Wonderfully portrayed …the essence of time…well done …keep it up….thanks for sharing ..

Savi Mani

your gain and loss make you perfect in life……loved this line and also how time plays the most vital role in our life, it moves on fast and one has to move along with it, the wheel of time the wheel of life rotates but wisdom remains and needs to be listened to…..the gift of time the gift of life this wisdom is……….loved your poem dear Ammu, ………

Makaylah Downs

This is simply wonderful. Time really does undermine life.

Randall Smith

The Whispers of the Wind, Leaves Something Behind” to me very powerful words and makes the poem so meaningful. Thank you for this

Geetha Paniker




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