Lie, lay in the dungeons alive

Lie, lay in the dungeons alive short poem

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Lie to yourself; said my heart,
Lie and say; I’m happy,
Lie and say; my life is full,
Lie and say; you’re beautiful.
Lie and say; I need not a thing,
Lie and say; where is, trouble?
Lie and say; I too dream,
Lie and say; I know no nightmares,
Lie and say; there is no empty space.
Lie and say; I am free,
Lie and say; there are no tunnels,
Lie and say; I know no fear,
Lie and say; I see the lights,
Lie and say; tomorrow will too be bright,
Lie and say; I see the dove taking their flight,
Lie and say; I drink from rivers of life,
Lie and say; the sorrows have demised,
Lie and say; the doors are still open wide,
Lie and say; there’s life on the other side,
Lie and say; the sky is blue and white,
Lie and say; the soul’s music revived,
Lie and say; life is a bitter, sweet dream,
Lie and say; this dream too shall die,
I say to lie, don’t lie,
I have come this far, and your lies will never survive,
Lie, you lay your lies in the dungeons alive.

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Rebecca Alick

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I'm a constant learner, love watching birds, can spend hours appreciating nature and write canto to describe its amateur photographer and a writer, but still love to sprinkle on the white pages with my thoughts, writing is a catharsis for me.
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I had to think about this – the way you put your words together: lie, lay, lies and ‘Say’. Its a catchy style!


There is a certain pain, also a contentment with the situation…which cannot be forgotten easily..Your words weave magic:)


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