Allow Me To Go

Allow Me To Go short poem

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Sitting by the window I looked up to the sky
Remembering you I don’t know why I cry
Those moments, will they come back again
Will destiny smile at me and I see you again
But what if I meet you we have to part again
At times I wonder at this love, is there more to lose and less to gain
I know love cannot be weighed in terms of loss or gain
But how do I console my heart which always feels the pain
The pain of your being away from me
The pain of my tears which only I can see
Easier to say feel your love with you always
Painful to survive knowing your love shall always be away
Wonder why God created this human heart
The body so strong yet heart being the weakest part
Let me go my dear, let me go away
I don’t wish your image to be tarnished in any way
Today I gathered courage
Don’t weaken me by saying no
Away from your real world,
A world where you belong
I go back to my virtual world
Carrying your thoughts to keep me strong
Allow me dear to go away
With a promise never to cross your way

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14 Comments on "Allow Me To Go"

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ramakrishnan chatakondu

Objection my lord………great souls like Siva Mani’s……….do not tarnish the reputation of others….even in dreams .


really like your poems.. i feel our thoughts are so similar .. its quite uncanny!

ammu sachariah

Beautiful poem. If the sweet memories of ‘Love’ is not with us, we are no more.

Viswas Menon

@savi_mani…well written….when one is in love …one is just simply in love…enjoy the feel…the moments of love….the pleasures of love …the happiness of love ….love always gives and does not make one lose …so in love there is no loss nor there is any gain…love is just simply bliss….and …love is always there …and will always be there …whether the person you loved is there or not ….is close to you or far away…has moved away from your life or not …will return into your life or not…love will always be there …if it was true love…

everything happens for good …is the essence of Indian Philosophy…if love has happened …it is for good…if love has moved away …it is also for good…and love retains itself in your life…along with the residual memories of the life spend together in love…

keep loving anyway…


Dear savi mani i don’t now wat’s your age . but really GOD gave you a very gud brain to think.hannnnhannn crying !!!! why not meeee. heee anyways I guess there are some feelings in me which i can feel this poem is expressing.


I love this poem. I lost a brother last year and I can identify with it. Thanks for sharing.

Desiree Brooks



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