An Innocent Prisoner’s Life

An Innocent Prisoners Life short poem

An innocent prisoner in the cage,
Waits for his age to pass,
He writes something on a page,
I think those are count of the days,
Which he is spending in the cage,

When the sun begins to set,
He sits on the ground,
Holds something in his hand,
Which is cracked and wrecked,
I think those are his family snaps,

His eyes are full of tears,
His heart is full of fears,
His only companions today,
Else No one sees him and hears,
He has been alone for many years,

He is like that silent picture,
With whom he shares his grief,
To get some relief,
All around is darkness of cruelty,
Every one see him as guilty.

No one knows that he is innocent,
He has no lawyer and no cents,
He did not commit any crime,
But his calmness and poorness wasted all his time,

His moans and groans won’t live forever,
His tears and fears will disappear,
No one will tease him,no one will beat him,
When he leaves this world,
And one day God will show the truth to this world,
He will break the silence and prove his “sinlessness”,

This is the truth and this is the fact,
His silence will shout again and again,
He was innocent,innocent by any law and act,
So why did his life go dreaded in this cage…….

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6 Comments on "An Innocent Prisoner’s Life"

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A well expressed piece about the thoughts,feelings and life of an innocent person who has been jailed.A very good work.Well done.Keep it up….

Nadeem Qazilbash

The use of the word – cage, to describe a prison cell takes the misery to a higher level. Well expressed.

ammu sachariah

A very beautiful poem. An innocent prisoner’s feelings and helplessness is very well portrayed here.


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