The Sky Cries

The Sky Cries short poem

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The sky is sobbing and will not stop
Drenching me with cold big drops.

Dashing back indoors
Dripping all over my clean floors.

I shouted up to the sky
“What’s wrong, why do you cry”

A loud crash and burst
A voice said, ” because the ground thirsts”

I towelled the rain from my hair,
and thought, well that is fair.

So think on, when it rains down on you,
It helps and passes, and that is true.

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I love writing and reading poems, not so much the classics these days but knew fresh stuff I find that exciting. New styles and new ideas. Some people paint, or write books or do crafts to get the inside out, me I do poetry and read the inside of folk I love to write fun and nature poems the best though.
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ammu sachariah

A very exciting poem. Some times we get angry with out knowing that they are helping us. Rain also is helpful
sometimes, not always.


intersting poem i have a thought to tell about this poem is that .we all human beings are capable of purchasing things by ourself .but what about what abut producing things yes, some we can produce .but some can’t like water so we get it by rain seriously it’s true that rain help us.Without this the earth would die of thirst.

Savi Mani

nice poem dear ……the rains at times helps us, teach us a lesson, no matter how uncalled for, and washes us, leave us clean …….to move further in life to be stronger to face newer rains…..liked the hidden meaning behind the word “rain”……..
i remember the great Charlie Chaplins quote ““I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying.” thats the reality of rain…….our own tears mingle with rain………loved your poem

Randall Smith

Very moving and deep. I loved the write. Perhaps it is only me but the last two lines seemed to drop off.

Muhammad Farhan Ahmed

What a beautiful poem. The rhymes are impeccable while the topic of this write is quite profound. I can find many metaphorical meanings out of this. You are a great poet, I must say. Your poems always convey a deep message. Loved reading this poem.
And btw, thank so you much for all the sweet comments on my poems. Your comments are motivating. 🙂 Thanks…

Deepak Janardhan

True.. why not pour after I reach home..? is what I shout when I drive back in rain at times..
I could connect to it…nice poem.

Arun M Sivakrishna

Beautiful thoughts..Rain cleanses..Its a giver..Nice, reading you..


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