As I Stroll Through A Dream

As I Stroll Through A Dream short poem

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I just walk through my day as I stroll through a dream
Where all things are as possible as they may seem,
Where the moon rides the daytime, the sun rides the night
For surely this means that both periods are bright,
From the shadows hang silver, from twilight hangs gold
For the beauty we see is to have and to hold,
Even inverted streams that flow through the dawn air
Give us more treasured images we can all share.

I dip my toes in a puddle that rainbows a dream
In soft circlets of colour that ripple and gleam,
And I wash my face gently with life’s whispered breeze
Then I dry it again with the winds of the trees,
There is so much to see in a moment of time
So many silk pages of immortal rhyme
That come back on the echoes of what’s gone before
And quietly tap on each window or door.

I call out to a lark as it sings to the sky
With no need to wonder, no need to ask why
How Heaven can sing in such soft feathered ways
Like the angels we dream of from our childhood days,
There is sometimes a laugh, and yet sometimes a cry
When the roses have bloomed, or the well has ran dry,
Yet my day wanders on in our dream’s blessed calm
With a prayer of contentment that keeps me from harm…

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I am an elderly gnome who loves reading and particularly writing poetry, I live in a cottage on the North Yorkshire coast in England.
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Deepak Janardhan

Read your poem in complete silence this morning.

Simply fantastic!

Could actually see my feet covered in VIBGYOR!

“I dip my toes in a puddle that rainbows a dream
In soft circlets of color that ripple and gleam”

Brilliant imagery!


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