Sometimes In Life

Sometimes In Life short poem

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Consider yourself blessed, when in your life,
You find a very special friend.
Someone special, who touches your heart,
Being there as your life’s invisible part.
Someone who makes you believe,
Life is to be lived against all odds.
Life is to be enjoyed and happiness shared.
Who convinces you there are,
So many doors yet to be opened,
So many journeys yet to be taken.
Who makes you believe in yourself,
Seeing you as you are,
Someone who is near yet so far.
When you find that someone special in your life,
Nurture that relationship, since its very rare,
Trust this relationship,
;Coz he is going to be, always there.

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39 Comments on "Sometimes In Life"

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Viswas Menon

Wonderful poem….@savi_mani…..keep it up…and treasure this wonderful person always in your life …regards

Deborah Wilson

Iliked it a lot. I can see the wamth of your heart. In what you write.


Nice poem .I like it very much. i want to read more your poems i think you gonna be mine third favorite poet.once again lovely poem(@savi mani)


Special person special poem. Lovely to read.

ammu sachariah

Wonderful poem . Your poems are always special for me too.


So simple yet so special….

Nadeem Qazilbash

Inspires such a positive attitude towards life, relationships and that special someone.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

undoubtedly I dedicate this poem to all my friends…..
.…..………copyright.. No problem… …………
………….this poem was written by my friend.…….in fact my friend will be more than happy to gift away……….

Ramapriya Nr

I am proud of you

Poet Taiwo Ayodeji Gbolagade

There is no doubt in it if I call you a romantic poet. I just love your way of edging out your message of love to the world. This is a realy special poem from special person to special human.

Akhtar Jawad

When you find that someone special in your life,
Nurture that relationship, since its very rare,
Trust this relationship,
;Coz he is going to be, always there.

Mesmerizing lines of a heart touching poem.


great poem, I enjoyed reading it.

Laya Sarath

Ohh that’s poetry..wonderfully penned..loved the way you expressed it….Hope you have that Someone special with yu always… 🙂

Geetha Paniker

That’s a beautiful one.

Muhammad Khalid Khan

Beautifully done Well done

Nikita Mehendiratta

Friends are hard to find that can stay so close to your life for long. Rare gift.


Savi. I treasure this poem. It is the greatest advice. I found such a friend, and have been married to her for 43 years. And thanks for your comment on ‘The Christmas Stench”.


I enjoyed reading your poem.


That’s a great poem and so true💖


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