If I ‘were’, I ‘would’

If I were, I would ballad

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If I were a poet:
I would douse each verse with the birds’ whistle
And sing a love song all day in ‘her’ auricle;
Her womb wherein the fetus thus sleeps
To rise some day and love all men-
A promise thy mother had taught him to keep.
If I were a painter:
I would paint the sky vibrant with colors and bright,
I would paint dear Santa and his reindeers on flight;
No Christmas a year but Christmas each day
Dear Santa and his Big Red Bag will always be there.
Gifts for the worthy and none for the sore
Faith in the good and wise will be revived once more.
If I were a magician:
I would chant a magic spell
The Sun and the Moon will dance –
To the tune of their wedding bell.
Mars will chase Venus and Pluto will chase Earth
Wealth and happiness will embrace each home
All sorrow wiped off and no more dearth.
If I were God:
I would hire a scientist and make more clones,
Of these three geniuses, in myriads unknown.
Earth shall never perish but more to be born
May many Mayans presage, but Milky Way shall go on.
Alas! I am no God, no magician nor poet,
But a Dreamer who can do no more but ideate,
Of a day on Earth, so calm and bright
Of fragrance so fresh that neighbors unite.

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Shreya Das

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Many call me a feminist, a rebel! But I consider myself a 'Humanist'. I had my own phases of sorrow and challenges, but I still believe the world around can be changed, can be made beautiful for All! I love to express my thought and belief through my poems and essays and hope to make a difference in the readers' mind. I aspire to publish my work someday.
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5 Comments on "If I ‘were’, I ‘would’"

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Savi Mani

Dear Shreya, wonderful poem, no harm dreaming, wonderful dreams who knows one day it may come true and yes we can still be human and bring about a change……by being humane…….nice use of words…keep it up…..

ramakrishnan chatakondu

But a dreamer who can do no more but ideate…….

Terrific .

Laya Sarath

Thats so wonderful 🙂 Loved reading your words …

asoke kumar mitra

wonderful rhyming…………………………………….from a true poetess….wonderful again……………….style and form……so different……


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