The Digital Divide

The Digital Divide short poem

Photo by Kashif John

Gone are the days when faces were buried into books
We are now phasing out the books for FaceBook
Those were times when kids jumped, played hide-n-seek and bruised knees
Now it’s all about swiping, wiping and fidgeting with keys…

The delight of the serendipitous “How are you what’s up”?
Is gradually uprooted by the famous “WhatsApp”
If you have anything to say that’s short and sweet
Then O dear you should Tweet Tweet Tweet!

The thumbs up on a click is what all of us “Like”
The mighty bug has that smitten old and young alike
The age has come where we are Linked In digitally
The paradox being the disconnect that prevails emotionally

The “apple-bite” has ushered new eras in the present and the past
Haunting Adams and Eves across the globe in the shadow it cast
“Share” it if you “Like” or “Comment” if you have thoughts
But this is the order of the day you “Like” it or not!

Let’s try to do a balancing act for posterity’s sake
By giving the real life a chance and e-socializing a break 🙂

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The Divide

The Divide short poem

She stood on the lowest rung of the ladder Bereft of all good things in life. Her state of existence was conditioned by the divide That created a gulf between the haves and have-nots. The gulf showed no sign of