A Guide To Survive Your Toughest Days

A Guide To Survive Your Toughest Days long poem

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Have you ever felt like you’re the only one left?
Like all the emotionless souls here have turned their backs
Given you the cold shoulder, leaving you for death
Being gradually swallowed up by this chaotic mess

Have you ever felt like god’s so unfair!
Like you are his trashcan for all the disasters
Unemployed, failing tests, loved ones days being numbered
It feels even worse than pulling out your hair
Strand by strand, then showering the bloody wounds with brine.

Have you ever felt like people are deliberately keeping you in the dark?
They laugh, giggle and maybe weep among themselves
You attempt to seek it out, they get annoyed and they bark
“Get out! This is none of your business, farewell!”
As if being pushed into a freezer naked, one leaves with a broken heart.

If you are going through all these hell,
Fighting hydras, medusas and demons at various levels
And it may seem to you like a losing battle
Don’t lose faith. I wish you well.

Actually, in this wicked world, nothing lasts
Not even our troubles or the gnarled past.
Tough times will come but one day they will go
If you can’t bear the rain, how can you see the rainbow?

We all understand that no one wants to walk through the storm
But only then, will you become hardened and strong.
We have to hurt in order to learn, and lose in order to gain
Know today that most of life’s lessons are taught through pain.

So don’t be afraid because you are not alone.
If you feel like a fish out of water, far away from your comfort zone
Press on and stay there for good things are coming your way
So don’t be blue and relish the magic of every breath you take.

On a final note, if you really feel suicidal,
Please do not end your life. Think it through one more time.
You lead the life today because you are strong enough to win all the battles
Even though it doesn’t seem now, strive on and I’m sure you will be fine.

Smile your sorrows away, jam to music if you’d like, and have a little faith.
Better things come to those who don’t wait and actively create
Live, laugh, love and repeat.
Here’s my toast to you for the amazing future journeys.

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Emily Liang

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Semi-sweet and a little nutty. Introverted, socially awkward, but still easy-going and loves penning short legacies in poetry. Big on all things red, and passionate about music. Down-to-earth and enjoys short walks in mother nature's embrace. Smile people, today's going to be a great day. Try stuff you've never tried, go places, venture abroad and live a life you will remember.
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I enjoyed this poem. Life is tough for a lot of people. They need a reason to keep hanging on, and you just gave them every reason.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

We are in the same boat…..I am scared of head-on collisions…. Lead me…..leader….God has gifted you some amazing bumpers……..I have no qualms going and hiding behind them…..I know you will let me do that because I know you have hearts of steel during adversities ….and a heart of roses when it comes to sharing especially with people who are in need……..


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