A Ray Of Sunshine

A ray of golden sunshine reaching in through my kitchen window.
As I sit at my handmade round oak table in the pre dawn.
Reminiscing. I sense a warm touch on the back of my left hand.
Opening my eyes, I find myself witnessing a ray of golden sunshine’s warmth.
Then as the sunshine moves, my face receives the sunshine’s warmth.
Inspiring me to look out of my kitchen window, at a most magnificent sunrise.
The entire Eastern skyline is infiltrated with bands of high scarlet red,
streaked with high definition resolutions of gold.
Here in my wilderness cabin, the glorious peace of Nature is absolutely serene.
Into my field of view saunters an imperial bull elk,
with tattered velvet dangling from its antlers,
which are held high, you might think that Wapiti is saying,
I’m king! This bull’s antlers tickle its muscular flanks
when he holds his head back and musically bellows
into the crisp morning air, creating a trail of vapor.
This “Grand Master’s” wilderness backdrop of suspended –
like magnified sunrise of shifting scarlet red and high definition bands of gold.
Royally enhancing my day.
A ray of sunshine, which has brought hope as its partner.
My spirit is enthralled! What awaits me in this new day can only be imagined.
After an enjoyable breakfast, I step out into the great outdoors
and wait for what Nature has to offer. It doesn’t take long.
I hear a low rolling bellow in the forest just beyond me.
Then, my friend the elk is on high alert! He lowers his head and begins pawing the ground.
From out of the forest, in my foreground, an explosion!
like the sound of a frozen rock face being shattered in the warmth of spring sunshine.
From out of the forest comes a second massive elk. Ready or battle!
I have a front row seat so to speak. As I watch in amazement.
sTwo, monstrous, prize winning elk charge head on.
With a thunderous crash, the immediate ground shakes.
Two wapiti in the rut, velvet torn antlers locked!
With swollen necks surging back and forth these antlered beasts miraculously break free.
Both elk paw the ground in a fiery rage. The original elk wins the draw.
The contender, lurks its bulk back into the forest in the settling dust.
A wilderness vocalizing erupts! The peace of Nature is shattered.
The high pitched sound of the “Grand Master’s rolling bugle ricochets from across the valley.
Rays of sunshine, penetrating the dust which is slowly settling in this grand amphitheater.

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Wonderful just wonderful. I did so like the internal rhymes that is my kind of poetry.


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