The Sun

The Sun ballad

Photo by VinothChandar

The Midnight sky is vast and wide, a velvet black cloth.
But soon the Sun will come and scrub the inky black away.
She climbs so high – into the sky – painting shadows on my wall.
That beautiful hue of pastel blue cocoons the air above.

She illuminates the woods,
so the birds can find their prey.
She dances on sleeping eyes,
caressing them into day.

The leaves are washed with her summer glow.
She gives the plants their food.
Without her touch, green would not show,
and vividness would be subdued.

Exhausted from her labours, she starts to tumble from the sky.
As she’s falling into earth, she begins to cry.
Her tears are silky orange, they bleed into the blue.
A twilight glow, is all that’s left,
the sky is now,

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And that is so well done you. Today I saw the end of the eclispe I am looking forward to poems about that now.


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