You And I

Feminism is not about you and me,
For me it stands for humanity.
A little love, a little respect,
Is all I crave, is all I expect.

You call me a goddess,
Fold your hands and pray to me.
Yet each day, each hour,
Ask me to prove my virginity.

I want to be a part of your world,
With the good and the bad it hurls.
Like you I want to live and breathe,
Without fear of suffocation and Breach.

Taking each step with dignity,
Without paying for my sexuality,
Nothing beyond the ordinary,
Just an opportunity to equality.

I don’t wish to lead,
I don’t wish to follow,
I don’t wish to lead,
A life, that’s so hollow.

Don’t put me on a pedestal,
Let me walk beside you.
Don’t bow down to me,
Let me fly like you.

I can’t do it alone,
Only together is a plus.
One without the other,
Will remain a minus.

You and I make an Us,
In each other we have to trust.
Walking hand in hand,
To the land of equal opportunity…

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I can't call myself a writer but yes I have enjoyed penning down my thoughts, at times sharing at other times secretly saving them. In school and college had some of my work published and I did participate in essay writing and debating but never took it up professionally. That was a choice I don't regret. Internet and social media have somewhere given me the courage to re-discover this side of me and I am glad that I have started sharing. I will definitely try to be more active. I enjoy all kinds of writing and what I write or read does not always depend on my mood. There have been times when I have been extremely happy but the words that I have penned down have been extremely sad and poignant and vice-versa. It is wonderful to connect with more poets/writers through this site.
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One day One day I say maybe just maybe–I enjoyed reading your poem—but reckon the femenist movement messed that up.


Wonderfully put across call for adding to the power of a woman…Beautiful!


Great poem ma’am. And fabulous work and expression.


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