Hello short poem

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Can anybody hear me?
I’m calling out
There is only an echo.

Are you out there?
I need to hear
Someone answer.

Can you feel it?
The dark and loneliness
Is surrounding me.

Can you touch me?
Let me know that
Someone is out there.

Can you answer me?
There is such a void
When you are all alone.

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Randall Smith

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Not from anywhere but from everywhere Germany, Korea, Viet Nam, USA, Army Veteran, Germany 1966-1968, Viet Nam 1968-1969. Two kids and bunch of grandkids. Enjoy my Roses, fishing and card playing. I may not write for several months and then I can not stop for several weeks. I have notebooks with 4 or 5 lines only, waiting for me to return.
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ramakrishnan chatakondu

.……….the title of your poem….…Truly a magical word to all those hearts longing for company…..
……..by the way , sorry , I forgot to tell you hello .

Savi Mani

Hello dear Randall, a wonderful poem, but listen carefully there are a thousand lonely heart who echo hello……hope you be able to hear them…..
very wonderful poem and one hello says it all……..


‘Hello” . A wonderful piece to make others see the need for ‘togetherness’.Wonderful.

ammu sachariah

Interesting poem. The echo of your ‘Hello’reach every where.


HELLO I smile and paint leaves on your bare tree.


And so it shal be Randall


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