Honour The God Gifted Life

Honour The God Gifted Life short poem

Photo by Sukanto Debnath

Today under the lamp light,
My ambitions are glowing bright,
When everyone is visiting their dreams,
I struggle to settle among the creams,
With smoke and shadow as my close friend,
I am ready to give any hardship to lend,
The tensions and sadness I bear,
Today I don’t feel any fear,
Within me, that lasted in the past,
And I seemed to get depressed fast….

Today with the music playing,
My aims are eagerly following,
The path my heart chose,
To sustain life’s any stand and pose,
With a broadened smile in face,
I am ready for the upcoming race,
The race that becomes harder every time,
And where wrong path leads to grave crime,
But I have to follow the right path,
And be a responsible inhabitant on Earth….

Today with the pen in hand,
My hopes grow as plants grow on fertile land,
With proper nutrients for nourishment,
And exploring all types of experiment,
With chest broadened and head held high,
I am ready to be a bird ling about to fly,
The flight that crushes all barriers,
Creating hope as future carriers,
But the flight is very long,
I have to fly even when, energy has long gone….

It is the positive life I took,
It may be different when others look,
I don’t think about the thoughts of others,
It is not the thing that bothers,
It is I that makes me think,
Will I get any hand if ever I sink?
It is my mind that worries,
Will I ever overcome my failing memories?
Though lot of tensions creep up my mind,
I shrug them off, to become one of the best of my kind….

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I am a college student with enormous energy to talk and act. I was in class three when I first wrote a story although it lacked traces of reality. It consisted of my imagination and rhymes. My parents were oblivious to the fact that I can write poems and stories, as I am a very secretive person. It was during my 12th standard examination when one of the invigilators found me of my scribbling on my question paper, a piece pertaining to the incidents of the Examination Hall. Since it consisted of blatant, ugly truths of the prevailing scenario of the Hall, I was reported to the Principal and my parents were summoned. That was how for the first time my parents came to know that I have a knack towards writing. I was censured, but simultaneously the externals did pat my back. And that's where I was propagated to take my writing seriously. It was my seat of Inception to Revelation of my Being through poems. It was an inexpressible feeling where I was chided as well as praised by my Principal Sir. This is why I kept on writing what ever popped up in my mind and penned down my thoughts about my family, nature, parents, feelings and even animals. I am not a poet by birth but I am a poet by situation. I love to write poems as they are my best means of expression and my pen is my best comrade.
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