Love is a strange thing

Love is a strange thing short poem

Photo by Benson Kua

Love is a strange thing, lies coiled up like a snake, its fangs to sink,
it’s a beast that lies dormant, benign in its demeanor, first blood to draw,
for years I have wandered, with just the feel of its warm breath on my brow,
but now I feel the pain, blood coursing down my vein, the quickening of the heart,
the rush in the head, I toss and turn on the bed, sleep doesn’t come,
I go stand out in the rain, calling out your name, there is no shame in it,
this mantle of years lie  on my shoulders,
I am drawn like a moth to the flame, I burn

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Siraj Mamatraillath

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A self confessed procrastinator, I moonlight as a copywriter to keep the home fires burning. When I am not writing, I am perfecting my Qigong moves or exploring the countryside on my acoustic motorcycle. I have published a collection of poems and a novel which didn’t do my reputation any good. I live in a small town in the state of Kerala, India. My new collection of poems 'Dump And Other Poems' published by Notion Press is now available worldwide at Amazon
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10 Comments on "Love is a strange thing"

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ramakrishnan chatakondu

I too burn……when you say your book containing your collecton of poems did not do to your reputation any good .

asoke kumar mitra

so nice write, and it is real……love is like a moth, plunges in fire……


Love indeed is a strange thing I agree with your poem which by the way I enjoyed the freedom and the flow.


if love wasn’t as fragile- you may not have written this! The visual is almost cinematic. Keep writing…

Savi Mani

The destiny of a moth has always been to burn, even though it moves towards the flame, love has always been fascinating and the pain is felt only after experiencing love, it is definitely the strangest of strange thing……..yet an experience worth experiencing…….liked your poem…….

ammu sachariah

I like your poem. A lover’s feelings is very beautifully portrayed here.


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