Frozen Emotions

All that she knew was to laugh,

Spread the cheer around, lend a hand to all

All that mattered was to betray her own

To caress the pain of her beloved and the rest

…for she lived for the world

And the world was her own haven…

Heart broken and out of ‘trust’

Alive by the ailing faint pulse

She has realized, finally

The world was no place for her

But as the heavier ‘thud’ goes on and on,

Here she is..struggling until it goes……

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Shrii Baleevada

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Voice leaves an impact for a day or so..but a pen leaves it to last through a lifetime.,and I prefer the latter!
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4 Comments on "Frozen Emotions"

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Chandrama Deshmukh

When one realizes that this world is not for you that’s when the true journey begins.
These are the blessed souls. May poetry thaw these ‘Frozen Emotions’


That was very good indeed, may poetry keep the doors open here on earth for more words, yes they will linger

Marya pitaz

I so love this one


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